Got a medical marijuana card in San Francisco? Here are some hacks to try!


Consuming cannabis is not rocket science. For most of us, it is no different than smoking a cigarette. You roll a joint, place it between your index finger and thumb, put it between your lips and voila. Inhale, exhale and enjoy!

But it’s not always like that for everyone, especially for beginners. Smoking medical marijuana can be overwhelming for beginners.

If you have recently got a medical marijuana card in San Francisco and are a cannabis novice, these hacks will help you consume it like a pro. G

1. Grind your own herb

Cannabis consumption can become more enjoyable and beneficial if you grind your own herb. Trust me, it improves the flavor and burn of the smoke. So, you need to invest in a good grinder today.

These grinders are long-lasting, durable and will help you in the long run. However, if you think you don’t want to invest in a costly grinder just to grind your cannabis, here is a home remedy for you.

Take an empty bottle (a pill bottle would work great) and a coin (a penny or a dime). Wipe the coin with some alcohol to clean it and put your cannabis bud in the bottle along with the coin. Simply shake the bottle 4-5 times. Ta-da! Here’s your ground cannabis in a bottle.

However, we still strongly recommend buying a grinder.

2. Use a bobby pin or a safety pin as a roach clip

Bobby pin or a safety pin is a life saver for cannabis consumers. Even though tweezers work best, you don’t often find them when you need them. Always keep a pack of bobby pins or safety pins handy and thank me later.

Use a bobby pin to wedge the smoked joint when it reaches a point where it gets too small to light it safely. It makes it a lot easier to light and also protects your fingers from burning.

Got a medical marijuana card in San Francisco? Then, what’s stopping you from using this trick.

3. Relax and lean back when lighting

Yes, this may sound too obvious but many beginners fail to implement that. People often burn their nose hairs, and eyebrows while lighting cannabis joints. So, it’s always better to mention it.

Remember, the flame from a lighter will always burn vertically no matter what kind of lighter you own or how expensive it is. Therefore, always lean back when lighting.

4. Use a little honey

Everybody is different when it comes to smoking cannabis and everybody has their own way of rolling a joint. Just like humans, no two joints are the same. While some roll a joint like a pro, for others it’s usually a hit or a miss. But here’s a trick to roll a perfect joint every time. Use honey or maple syrup.

If you think your joints burn very fast, you can use some honey or maple syrup on the outside of the joint paper. This will enhance your smoking experience and make it even long lasting, smoother and sweeter. If you do it accurately, it will help your joint burn more uniformly.

5. Use pipe cleaners to clean your pipes

Are you a cannabis enthusiast? Well, if you are, first you will require a medical marijuana card in San Francisco, then you will need a pipe cleaner. They are vital for cannabis consumers. You can easily buy a pipe clean from a craft store or a corner drug store. They are cost-effective and save a lot of your time.

Consuming cannabis to treat your medical condition doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it or you have to consume it like traditional bitter medicine. Use the aforementioned hacks and spice up your cannabis life.

If you have any other cannabis hacks up your sleeve, do share it with us in the comment section below.


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